1. Ethel [outtake]

    This is an outtake from a previous post

         I ran in to Ethel again this past Sunday. She was near the same area where I shot the above photograph. I hoped to get another picture of her. I approached her and called out her name. I didn’t expect her to remember me. And, of course, she didn’t. When I told her I’d taken her photograph last month she said “Oh yeah!”. I asked how she was doing and she said “fine”. She seemed preoccupied and I didn’t have the heart to ask for another photo.

         I thanked her for allowing me to take her photo the month before and we both continued on our way.

  2. Brothers Forever

    -Highland, IN

         I happened upon a biker rally yesterday morning. It’s a good thing I almost always have my camera with me.

  3. (No Edit)Friday Night Lights

  5. You Left The Water Running

    -Hammond, IN

  6. Over and Under

    -Hammond, IN

  7. Sunday Selfie

  8. No Direction Home

    -Hammond, IN

  9. The Shadow Knows

    -Highland, IN

  10. Overview
    -Chicago, IL.