1. Lost In Thought

         -Chicago, IL

  2. Uśmiech

         -Whiting, IN

  3. Penitence

    -Hammond, IN    

  4. Lunchtime Candid

         -Whiting, IN

  5. Sunday Selfie

    -This was shot last fall after a cycling crash. Notice the discoloration and oncoming swelling on my left cheek? Here were my immediate concerns once hitting the asphalt:

    • Get out of the road
    • Make sure the camera’s okay
    • Is the bike okay?
    • Are you okay?

         Yeah, I’m an idiot.

  6. Paid for by The Committee To Kill White Men

  7. Life From A Window b/w Window Shop For Love

    -Chicago,IL/Whiting,IN/Crown Point,IN

  8. He’d Be A Diamond

    -Chicago, IL

  9. Everything Falls Apart

    -Hammond, IN

  10. Disney/Pixar’s  GRILL·E