1. Connection

  2. The downtown trains are full
    With all those Brooklyn girls
    They try so hard to break out of their little worlds

         -Tom Waits, Downtown Train

  3. The Streets Of Where I’m From #14 / Death To My Hometown*

    -East Chicago, IN

    *for a friend of a friend

  4. LaSalle 409

         -Hammond, IN

         I encountered this gentleman while trying to shoot photos under a bridge. He asked me to snap his portrait. I gladly obliged. He told me his name during our brief conversation, but all I remember is “LaSalle 409”. A reference to his room number at the nearby SRO.

  5. Rebuilding

    -Hammond, IN

    This happens to be my 600th post! So,uh, hooray for me….?

  6. Rachel & Craig

    -Hammond, IN

    "Oh! Craig move! He’s trying to get a picture of the train." No, I’m trying to get a picture of you! "Us? Why!?!"  I like how you’re holding hands. It’s sweet! "Oh! Okay!"

    Well it looks like this has become a “thing”. As I stated before, I seem to have good luck when we’re stopped by trains.

         Previous post and links are here.

  7. Beer. Bikes.

    -Chicago, IL

  8. Summer Mood

    -Hammond, IN

  9. The Streets Of Where I’m From #13 / Unpaved

    -East Chicago, IN

  10. Children watch as the annual Polish pilgrimage passes through their neighborhood.

         -Munster, IN